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On behalf of myself and all of our staff here at Royal River Luxury Hotel, may we thank you personally for choosing our hotel to spend your holiday. We hope you have a wonderful time & that these days spent with us will be unforgettable for you. Yours sincerely.

Lydia Rodríguez
Hotel Manager

Royal River Luxury Hotel

Discover the perfect setting to explore the magic of the island whilst enjoying a blissful retreat near the ocean; a place so far beyond your wildest dreams, that you never even thought it could exist.


River Villas: 1 to 29.
Pool Villas: 30 to 36.
Paradise Villa: 37.
Grand Pool Villas: 38 to 44.
Lagoon Villas: 45 to 48.
Sky Villas: 49 to 50.

4 restaurants
Pineapple Buffet restaurant.
Flamingo French Bistró
Kokoro Asian cuisine.
The Top Brasserie & Terrace.

2 bars
Pineapple terrace.
Bubble Champagne Bar.

2 Pools - River.
1 Lagoon.
1 Central Pool with solarium.
1 Infinity Pool in the attic.
Spa & Beauty Center.