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Nuestro "Programa Ecológico"

Royal River Luxury Hotel is sustainable, with a zero carbon footprint, by using exclusively renewable energy, in addition to the fact that in its gardens there are more than 3,000 palm trees and shrubs producing a large amount of oxygen.

We minimize the use of plastics, we try to ensure that all packaging is recyclable or biodegradable and we limit the use of chemical products.

We maintain our commitment to the environment by using single-use amenities.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Royal River y Endesa

Royal River Luxury Hotel will exclusively consume energy from 100% renewable sources (solar, wind and biomass) thanks to the contract signed with Endesa, and to the facilities that the hotel itself has. With these actions, the complex avoids the emission of 1.4 tons of CO2 per year.


  • All the water is heated through biomass boilers.
  • The electrical energy that we use in our hotel is Green Energy, from 100% renewable sources that avoid emitting to the atmosphere 1,2 tons of CO2 per year.
  • Use of home automation in villas & common areas to more effectively manage lighting & air conditioning.
  • All the lighting in the hotel is led, which helps us to make a reduced consumption of electrical energy and provides high efficiency.

Saving water

  • We carry out actions to avoid wasting water in our establishment. If you want to contribute, please make a rational use of water.
  • Together we can reduce chlorine and detergent and save millions of liters of water. Thank you very much for collaborating with this initiative, our Island will thank you .


We do not use bleach or chemical products for cleaning, which are not biodegradable. We use salt to produce chlorine in swimming pools.

Zero plastics

  • The entire hotel uses a waste recycling system in all its areas.
  • We do not use plastic items: garbage bags are biodegradable and so are shower caps.
  • We do not have single-use plastic items. Straws and glasses are biodegradable.
  • We carry out a "Zero Plastics" policy. Our amenities are Biodegradable, such as the shower cap, the toothbrush, the dental cup and the comb. We use dispensers to avoid the use of single-use containers for gel, shampoo, conditioner and body milk.

Oxygen generation

We have planted more than 100 palm trees and more than 3.000 plants and trees.

Social responsibility

We favor the production and development of the local agricultural economy through the purchase of island products: potatoes, cheeses, fish, vegetables, fruit, wines.

Charging point electric vehicle

In our facilities, we have charging points for electric vehicles.